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Mr. Tobin's Math Site

Notes from Mr. Tobin

2/7/16:  Regarding math placement recommendations - I will let my students know tomorrow in class (or whenever I see them next).  A friendly reminder about the information I'm going to communicate to each of you:  these placement ideas I have are only my professional opinion and are in no way binding.  If I recommend you for a grade-level (non-honors) class,  you can go ahead and enroll in the honors class - I would never discourage a student from taking on any particular section of math.  Conversely,  you are not obligated to take an honors class just because I think you can handle it.  My recommendations are being made with the best intentions,  and they are designed to set my current students up for future success.  I want you to do what's best for you,  and please e-mail me with any questions you have.


10/6/15:  Deadline is this Friday for me to make recommendations for the National Youth Leadership Forum Explore STEM camp this coming summer.

Here's the link with dates and sites:  http://www.envisionexperience.com/explore-our-programs/nylf-explore-stem?utm_ENOM&utm_medium=EM&utm_term=EXS1166&utm_content=M02&utm_campaign=EXS1166_ENOM_M02#datelocations

* There is a sample schedule toward the top-right of the page,  if you'd like to see a typical run of the program.

If you signed in today at our lunch meeting,  I'll be considering you.  If you decide this is not something you'd be interested in attending,  please let me know ASAP so I can get some other student in to your slot.


05/04/15:  Turns out the Android version of the emulator is right there on the webpage - I didn't want to use the version you get through Google Play,  but all you have to do is click on the link that says "Also available for download from Codeplex"


02/26/15:  I found an excellent graphing calculator emulator for use on your computer,  but it's a bit of work to get it up and running:

The emulator file can be retrieved from https://wabbit.codeplex.com/

Here's a tutorial video on how to get the file downloaded and installed:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kjkNqFThRs

* I didn't need the OS file from Texas Instruments to get my wabbitemu running,  but that might be because I already have a bunch of those on my laptop.  Probably less hassle to follow the instructions in the tutorial to the letter - the address for the OS file is in the description for the video..

Please let me know if you have any questions about installing or using the graphing calculator.

There is also a version somewhere out there for use on your phone - a fellow teacher showed me,  and it does all the same stuff as the full version I use.  I'll post it if I find it.



02/23/15:  In CC8 we've started using a new textbook called Big Ideas.  Most of what students need can be accessed on their website:


There you can find problem sets,  definitions,  notes and solutions to odd-numbered problems.  I will occasionally post complete hand-written keys,  but I think students will be able to find out if they're mostly on the right track using only the odd-numbered problems.  As always,  students are welcome to contact me for further explanation or clarification,  should the need arise.


01/30/15:  Sorry about that - turns out they've since changed that download page.  I'll keep looking for a working link.  In the meantime,  you can try https://www.desmos.com/calculator  *The interface is a little wonky,  but you can do some of what we need there.


01/20/15:  In the locker section at the bottom of this page,  I've posted the link to get your own "Virtual TI-83" graphing calculator installed on your home computer.  I know the website looks a tad sketchy,  but I've installed this program on every computer I've ever worked on and it hasn't caused any problems.  This older model of graphing calculator can do most everything we need,  and I'm much more experienced troubleshooting it than the newer models we use in class.


11/20/14:  By popular demand,  my mac & cheese recipe has been posted to the locker section at the bottom of this page.


9/13/14:  A note about absences,  late / missing assignments and grades

Good Morning,  All.

With cold season just around the corner,  I'd like to take a minute to alert everybody about my grading policy as it relates to absences and missing or late work.

I do not give any credit for late work.  Up through the end of next week,  I'll allow half-credit on one missing assignment if it's turned in up to one day late,  but it's not fair to the other students for me to allow for late work any later than that.  

Please stay on top of your deadlines,  and contact me if you have questions (or have trouble accessing the problem sets).  I need to hear about issues before I'm coming around to check off the work.  

Extracurricular activities and travel need to be balanced with academic obligations - I'm trying to cultivate good time management in my students,  and am willing to help in any way that I can (this often takes the form of 1-on-1 assistance before school,  during brunch or during lunch).  Please contact me if you have questions about this policy.

Absences:  When a student misses class,  I mark it with an "A" on both my master list and my gradebook.  This is to remind me that the student was not present,  and I will honor their full credit grade until they've been back to class for as many days as they missed.  This goes for any graded item:  homework,  class work,  quizzes and exams.

When I make that "A" mark in the School Loop system,  it goes up as a zero on the gradebook - I've researched it,  and as far as I can tell,  there's nothing I can do about that  

If you check the Progress Report,  though,  it should show an "A" status for those missed assignments,  and students can still get full credit,  as long as they show me the completed assignment within the allotted time.  I will sometimes exempt students from missed classwork sets,  due to the applied & group work nature of those problems.

* It is each student's responsibility to determine missed work and the time they have left.  In extreme cases I'll be flexible - please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

In closing,  I'd like to thank you all for your hard work,  and am looking forward to a great year.

Take Care.

- Mr. Tobin

Mr. Tobin's Locker

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