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Board Members and Volunteers

Board Job Descriptions

Position Email Address Name
Executive Members
  Chair Chair@oispc.org Lexi Morrissey
  President President@oispc.org Meredith Moss
  Secretary Secretary@oispc.org Corrie Raphael
  Treasurer Treasurer@oispc.org Kirsten Odmark
  Parliamentarian Parliamentarian@oispc.org Shannon Fuller
  VP Communications VPCommunications@oispc.org Caroline Hendriks
  VP Food Services VPFoodServices@oispc.org Glen Fuller
  VP Fundraising rbrudzinski@yahoo.com Shelli Brudzinski
  VP Services VPServices@oispc.org Darien Destino
  VP Student Activities VPStudentActivities@oispc.org Stephanie Barmmer

At Large Directors
  At Large Director   Sandi Balonick
  At Large Director   Alissa Lillie

Treasury Committee
  Treasurer Treasurer@oispc.org Kirsten Odmark
  Treasurer - Accounts Payable TreasurerPay@oispc.org Isabelle Wang
  Treasurer - Accounts Receivable TreasurerRec@oispc.org OPEN

Communications Committee
  VP Communications VPCommunications@oispc.org Caroline Hendriks
  Web & Directory/Registration Webmaster@oispc.org Michelle Kohr
  Legislative Representative LegislativeRep@oispc.org OPEN

Food Services Committee
  VP Food Services VPFoodServices@oispc.org Glen Fuller
  Kennel Volunteer Liaison KennelVolunteerCoordinator@oispc.org June Lim

Fundraising Committee
  VP Fundraising VPFundraising@oispc.org Shelli Brudzinski
  Make a Difference(MaD) Campaign Chair MakeADifferenceChair@oispc.org Molly Wilson
  MaD Campaign Corporate Matching MakeADifferenceCorpMatching@oispc.org   Julie Mercer
Educational Foundation of Orinda audra_mai@yahoo.com Audra Chai
Educational Foundation of Orinda julie@torvents.com Julie Cooke
Educational Foundation of Orinda ksdille@gmail.com Kara Dille
Educational Foundation of Orinda cdguymon@yahoo.com CarrieLyn Guymon
Educational Foundation of Orinda temullen@gmail.com Teresa Miller

Services Committee
  VP Services VPServices@oispc.org Darien Destino
  Volunteer Coordinator VolunteerCoordinator@oispc.org Amy Perusse
  Emergency Response EmergencyResponseA@oispc.org John Spencer
  Helping Hands HelpingHands@oispc.org Julie Chinn
  Bus Liaison MayorsCouncil@oispc.org TBD
  Promotion 2017-18 PromotionA@oispc.org Julie Chinn
  Promotion 2017-18 PromotionB@oispc.org Julianne Viadro
  Staff Appreciation & Hospitality StaffAppreciationB@oispc.org Danica Maksomovic
  Staff Appreciation & Hospitality StaffAppreciationA@oispc.org Aimee Stevens

Student Activities Committee
  VP Student Activities VPStudentActivities@oispc.org Stephanie Barmmer
  Diverse Abilities Awareness DiverseAbilities@oispc.org Anna Tague
  Others First Co-Directors OthersFirstDirector@oispc.org Erin Bakonyvari, Becca Moltayaner
  Bulldog Theater and Sports jlipp@pacbell.net Jeanette Lipp
  Music Boosters MusicBoosters@oispc.org