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Ms. Heather Raser
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(925) 258-6236

Mr. Jay Stevens
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Can I make any special requests for my student's schedule?
Yes. The exceptional educational needs of your child are valued at OIS. During the month of February, registration for electives will take place for the following school year. At this time we ask parents to email us or send a letter expressing the exceptional needs you would like us to consider as we develop your child's schedule for next year. This request in writing is due by the end of the elective registration process; please note that we will not be able to honor requests after the given date.

Can my student request a schedule change?
The counselors and administrators work extremely hard to create a schedule for every student. During the elective selection process, students are required to mark six elective choices. Students are advised to select their choices wisely as they will be held accountable if they receive any of their six elective choices. When students request a schedule change, their elective requests are reviewed. If they have received any of their six choices they are responsible for following through with the classes they have chosen. If a student receives an elective other than one of his/her six choices, then the counselor works with the student to discuss available options.

What is the process for a student to talk with the counselors?
Giving students the opportunity to request appointments with the counselors can be an important step in the
quest for independence. The counselors are here to help students get the most out of their experience at OIS. The following procedures should be observed when contacting the counselor:

  • Students may inform teachers that they would like to see the counselor.
  • Students may stop by the counseling office before school, during a passing period, during brunch or lunch, or after school.
  • Students can leave their counselor a note requesting an appointment.
  • Students can send an email or call their counselor.

What are the fourth quarter rules for eighth graders?
Although disciplinary actions could result in loss of promotion privileges at any time during the school year, specific rules will apply for 8th-graders during the 4th quarter. Violation of these rules will result in the loss of the privilege to participate in promotion activities. The accumulation of three "points" during the 4th quarter will result in the additional loss of the privilege of attending the 8th-grade trip. The accumulation of four points will also result in the loss of the privilege of attending the promotion party as well. The accumulation of five or more points will result in the loss of the privilege of attending all activities, including the promotion ceremony. Points are earned in the following ways:

  • Behavioral referral/electronics infraction..........1 point
  • Class cut or class suspension..........................2 points
  • Suspension of 1-2 school days........................3 points
  • Suspension of 3 or more days.........................4 points