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Ms. McAteer's Home Page

Feedback, Assessment, and Grades in CC7/8MathAccelerated

Feedback, Assessments, and Grades in CC7/8MathAccelerated

Daily work, homework, and projects are not graded.

Instead, I provide feedback so that students experience their insights & understandings as well as their confusions & misconceptions not as successes (A's and B's) or failures (D's and F's), but as information that can be used to advance learning.

The feedback will come in several forms:

  • Verbal interactions: Observations, questions, and suggestions during class.
  • Written responses: Comments on work in progress, completed projects, and/or students’ own reflective writings about their learning.
  • Formal checks for completeness and accuracy (like the F 9/4 assignment on order of operations with fractions).
  • Self-check of exercises. KEYs will be posted on SchoolLoop. My expectation in accelerated math is that students do their work, check solutions, reflect on mistakes, TRY AGAIN, and bring any unresolved issues to me during class or office hours.

About three times a quarter I will administer formal assessments during which students may use their toolkits and reflective writings, but not their exercises (loose papers or graph paper notebook) as resources. I will score the assessment. After students get it back, they may repair mistakes to show new understanding and then “re-take” assessment items similar to the ones missed. Students will receive half credit for items completed correctly on the re-take. The quarter grade will be computed from the repaired scores on these assessments. So students and parents will only see about three “scores” in SchoolLoop for the entire quarter.

Ms. McAteer's Homepage


Our textbooks are CPM (College Preparatory Math) Courses 2 and 3. We will start the year with a quick review of the first four chapters of Course 2 which were covered in Ms. LaRoche's Accelerated 6/7 math class last year. 



I hold "office hours" during 7/8 brunch (almost) every day and by appointment. Please email me to request an appointment.