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Fall Musical 2017



Fall Musical 2017

You must SIGN UP to participate in the musical! Registrations for cast AND crew will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Space is limited**. sign up will be active 8/21/17 at 7:00 am (via BACT reg form below)

There are no initial auditions for acceptance into the program. All auditions will be held once the rehearsal process begins (everyone who signs up will be guaranteed a role).

**SPACE IS LIMITED.  Registration is not guaranteed and enrollments will be processed on a first come, first served basis. A link to the wait list will be provided once all spots are full and there are no guarantees for wait-listed participants. 

What is the Fall Musical?

Spamalot Young @part Edition
Book & Lyrics by Eric Idle, Music by John Du Prez & Eric Idle
This version of the 2005 Tony Award winning musical, Spamalot, is designed  specifically for middle school actors of all kinds! The story centers around King Arthur and his search for the Holy Grail. After a rather silly bit of miscommunication leads us briefly to Finland, our king and his ever faithful squire Patsy begin to search for knights to accompany him on his Quest. He finds his first in the unlikely guise of Dennis, a hideous local mud farmer. After convincing the locals that he is the king by conjuring the Lady of Lake to prove it, Dennis is transformed into Sir Galahad. The rest of the knights are found far and wide and The Lady of the Lake and her Laker Girls, send our stalwart band on their way. They meet up with an unforgettable slew of outrageously kooky characters and musical hilarity ensues as Arthur and the Knights make their journey.

Informational links:

Theatrical Rights

Spamalot Guide Vocals

Spamalot Accompaniment

The Audition Process
All students who wish to be 
in the show must sign up to participate. There will be two casts of approximately 35 students each, the Galahad Cast (Monday) and the Lancelot (Wednesday). Audition material for Spamalot will be posted below and will also be emailed to families. We will review all audition songs and scenes at our first cast meeting.  All students will participate in auditions along with the rest of their cast in week two.

Auditions and Casting
Auditions will be held on Monday August 28th & August 30th from 3:45-6:45pm. Click here for Audition material. We will review all of this material in the first rehearsal (8/23 & 8/25).

*If students would like to be considered for a lead role, they should have one scene and one song memorized for the audition. If they are not interested in a lead, they are welcome to keep their paper in hand when they perform their selection at auditions. 

*While students are only memorizing one scene and one song, they should be familiar with all material! Students may be asked to sing another song or read a different part other than what they've memorized.

The cast list will be sent out via email by 8:00pm on Thursday, August 31st. 


Cost to participate
The Bulldog Theater After-School Drama Program suggests a contribution of $375 for each cast member and $80 for tech crew members to be paid thru the registration page. Other expenses may include costume base-layer pieces and specific footwear for actors, and tickets to see the performances. Parents are also asked to volunteer.

2 Step Sign Up Process:
1) Complete BACT REGISTRATION FORM and pay your suggested donation*. Registration links will
be active beginning 8/21/17 at 7:00 am and will remain open until all spots are full.
2) Parents sign up for volunteer jobs
*If you cannot pay the donation amount in full at the time of registration, please contact Amanda at BACT at 510-296-4433 x7014 or classes@bactheatre.org.

Refund Policy

If you must cancel your enrollment for any reason, please notify BACT administration by emailing classes@bactheatre.org. Full refunds will be available until Monday, August 28th. After this date, there will be no refunds.

Actor Commitment and Rehearsal Schedule
Each cast will have their first cast meeting on either Wednesday August 23rd (Lancelot Cast) or Friday August 25th (Galahad Cast). Auditions will be held on Monday August 28th (Galahad Cast) or Wednesday August 30th (Lancelot Cast). Rehearsals will be held right after school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting on Friday September 1st for the Galahad Cast or Wednesday September 6th for the Lancelot Cast. Please see the detailed schedule here. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ATTEND ALL REHEARSALS AND PERFORMANCES LISTED ON YOUR CAST’S SCHEDULE. Please let the Director know about any scheduling conflicts on the first rehearsal. Actors are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals and to be prepared with all assigned work, especially line memorization. Please bring your script and a pencil to each rehearsal Adult supervision by Bulldog Theater staff will end 15 minutes after the end of each scheduled rehearsal. Students remaining beyond the 15 minutes will not be supervised.

What about Tech Crew?
Tech Crew makes the theater magic happen! If you are interested in sound, lights, sets, costumes and how to make the show run, sign up for Tech Crew. Tech Crew members start with their own cast on November 6th or 8th and must attend all dress rehearsals and every performance for their cast. Tech crew is expected to remain at rehearsals for an additional 15-20 minutes after each rehearsal and show
have ended to strike and reset for the following day
Enrollment is limited to 7 students per cast and is on a 
first come, first served basis. Also, note that headshots will be taken of all cast and tech crew on Weds, 9/6 & Mon, 9/11 outside MiniGym1. Please plan to visit the MiniGym immediately after school on 9/6 or 9/11 to have your headshot taken.

What if I have a conflict on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays?
When you sign up, you will be able to select either the Monday 
Cast or the Wednesday Cast. Please note that due to the school calendar, the Monday cast frequently meets on Fridays instead. Please look carefully at the detailed rehearsal schedule before selecting the cast that best fits your schedule. If there are 2 students who need to be in the same cast for carpool reasons, please sign them up for the same cast.

Does the Director have any tips or advice for me?
When the auditions happen during the second week of the program, remember that it is important to perform with expression and movement. You will not be asked to prepare anything before the rehearsal process begins. Being nervous at your audition is normal. Nervous energy is actually good and can help you deliver your best performance. Remember to PROJECT your voice at your audition and be expressive. This is not the time to be shy. This is your chance to show the Director what you’ve got, so give it 
your all!

Do I try out for a particular role?
Students will have the opportunity to write on their audition form which characters most interest them, but will not be auditioning solely for one particular role. The Director will explain the audition process in full 
at the first class. You will be given all of the information you need to have a successful audition at that time. 

How will the Director make casting decisions?
We will have two casts of 30-35 students each. Casting decisions are based on several factors: energy, 
ability to project, expression and movement, level of experience and preparation, level of commitment, ability to work as a team, and fit for a particular role. Casting is a giant puzzle and it is the most challenging part of being involved with theater.

When do I find out which role I have been cast in?
The Cast List & Tech Crew will be posted on the website and emailed to participants by 8
:00pm on Thursday August 31st.

Parent Commitment

Parents are asked to attend a Parent Meeting on either Wednesday August 23rd (Galahad Cast) or Friday August 25th (Lancelot Cast) from 5:45-6:00 PM (MPR). Parents will receive regular communication regarding the show, from ois@bactheatre.org.
There are a number of parent volunteer opportunities, including marketing, graphic design, concessions and ushering.  Parents are asked to sign up for a position. Filling these positions will contribute to the overall success of the production.  The link to sign up will be on the confirmation page of the registration form.  Thank you for your support!