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Citizenship Award Winners


Ellie Aengus

Justin Bellamy

Giovanni Bottene

Devaon Bradley

Jack Brun

Ava Caballero

Leo  Cardozo

Nicole Chai

Megan Chui

Anna Crinks

Alexis DeBusschere

Megan Doran

Ava Fayman

Isola Foutch

Ryan Gross

Paige  Hernandez

Damon Holbrook

Maia Keene

Luke Kelly

Sophia Lao

Gemma Leach

Tyler Lenk

Chase Lenk

Peyton Menke

Nattan Mesfin

Ella Rose Miller

Jessica Milmoe

Shannon Murphy

Vatsala Nagarur

Jack Nixon

Tyler Opdycke

Taryn Pearce

Anthony Ricevuto

Kristyn Spencer

Nicole Tague

Austin Teodorovic

Emilie Tham

Liam Tierney

Amanda Turtle

Chelsea Yuen

Timothy Zhou


Citizenship Award Winners

Citizenship Award Winners

One of our Strategic Plan aims is to help students develop a positive self-image. To that end, one of our action steps has been to "enact a program of student recognition based on factors other than grades." Each month staff members submit the name of one student deserving of recognition for good citizenship. The student receives a special certificate at a recognition ceremony and has his/her name posted on the OIS website.