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CC6/7 and CC7/8 Accelerated Math--2019-2020

Course Descriptions

These courses are accelerated. I teach them at an honors level. In the CC6/7 course, we'll cover all of 6th-grade math and the first half of 7th-grade math. In the CC7/8 course, we'll finish 7th and do most of 8th-grade math. This "three years of math in two years" prepares students to take Common Core Algebra as 8th graders. Our texts will be CPM Core Connections Courses 1, 2, and 3.

Working in groups, students tackle problems and learn math through discussion and by making connections and expressing their mathematical thinking in writing. There will also be some direct instruction.



Students in this class are expected to be:

  • Genuinely curious about and interested in math,
  • Motivated and resourceful,
  • Timely in completing assignments,
  • Able to use appropriate behavior in class, including working with all students,
  • Risk-takers, ready to take on mathematical challenges,
  • Willing to use personal time to get extra help as needed.


Grading and Assessment


Classwork Completion (of non-graded assignments)--5%

Homework Completion--5%

Graded Assignments--30% 

Tests--50% (Note: Tests in this course are designed to be easy to earn a B- and difficult to earn a perfect score. If a student gets a test score below 64%, they may do a retake to raise their score to 64%.)


Checking for Understanding

Students must be diligent about completing assignments and thoughtful when reviewing their work and correcting their mistakes. For graded assignments, I look carefully at their work and provide specific feedback. For all other work, students are responsible for assessing their own understanding. Understanding of "big ideas" occurs in group work. If your student is confused about the ideas in the lesson, they should ask their tablemates. If the whole group is confused, they should ask me. I provide worked out solution keys for problem sets.


Help for Students

Students may drop in for extra help on Wednesdays during lunch. They may also make an appointment with my wonderful volunteer who is here at the same time. I am also happy to meet with students before or after school for a more extended and personalized experience. Please email me at least one day before with a request for an appointment.


Contact information

Email is the best way to reach me ( or through SchoolLoop). It is very difficult to reach me through the school telephone system.