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If you weren't able to come to WEB day, please download the materials handed out. If possible, please print the Diversity Treasure Hunt, as we will use it on the first day of school!

Michelle Pinney


Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

I am so excited to begin the school year on August 13th! While this is not the traditional way we normally start the school year, we are still going to get to know one another, collaborate, and make strong connections. Remember, this is new for everyone! 

Tips for the first day of school:

- Be sure you have your own School Loop account

- Find a comfortable spot to participate in your Zoom sessions

Join our class Google Classroom page: 

     - Once here, you should see that you have been invited to our Core class. Please click "Accept" to join! 

- Have your OIS Core folder (given on WEB day) and a pencil ready to go! If you weren't able to attend WEB day, you can download and print all the materials handed out by looking at the "Locker" on the left side of this page. We will be referencing these on the first day of school, so try your best to have these materials ready to go! 


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please fill out the Google Forms below. This will enable me to learn more about your child and know how to best contact you.

Thank you!