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Citizenship Award Winners

Jonah Azevedo

Julia Berg

Natalie Clauson

Brian Edelen

Mackenzie Finegan

Lucy Foss

Lukacs Gero

Alexis Gottschalk

Jerry-Jaylin Gualibeaux

Ryan Gross

Jane Hollerbach

Amber Jaffrey

Alek Kaune

Eliani Kim

Angela Kohr

Grace Liu

Taylor Marsh

Haley Metherd

Madeleine Morris

Sofia Obnial

Isabella Pier

Mitch Reichenbach

Blazen Roberts

Gabe Roman

Courtney Scheingart

Katherine Scheingart

Grant Sealon

Krijn Singh

Dominic Sorenson

Nicolas Webber

Thomas Wilson

Citizenship Award Winners

One of our Strategic Plan aims is to help students develop a positive self-image. To that end, one of our action steps has been to "enact a program of student recognition based on factors other than grades." Each month staff members submit the name of one student deserving of recognition for good citizenship. The student receives a special certificate at a recognition ceremony and has his/her name posted on the OIS website.

citizenship award winners