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Kendra Hodder

Ma Famille / My Family
Ma Famille
Mon Horaire / My schedule- La Salle 33 / Room 33

1er - le français 1A

2nd - leadership

3ème - le français 1B

4ème - le français 1B

5ème - le français 1A

Bienvenu au français 1A et 1B!

Bienvenu au Français 1A et 1B!

Welcome to French 1A and 1B!


In  French 1A  we will be diving into the francophone world and the French language.  We will be speaking French as much as possible, so be prepared to dive right in!  Our studies will begin with traditional greetings, the date, telling time, colors and numbers.  We will learn to describe people and places, families, homes, and neighborhoods.  We will also learn about food, shopping, and how to order in a restaurant.  All the while we will be learning about culture in the francophone world.  I hope you are ready to immerse yourself in French during this class!


In French 1B we will be diving back into the francophone world and the French language.  We will be speaking French as much as possible.  Don’t worry – we will start with a lot of review!  French 1B will build upon everything you learned last year and prepare you for French 2 at the high school level.  After our review we will be learning how to discuss clothing, shopping, air travel, train travel, sports, summer and winter weather and the activities that happen during these seasons, and how to describe daily activities.  



Yes, there is homework in French class.  There will not be a lot of homework, but there will be daily homework designed to reinforce what you have learned at school.  It is also very helpful to practice speaking with someone at home – even if they don’t understand you!  You will be surprised at how quickly you will learn if you practice.  Each assignment will be worth three points.  Homework will often be in the workbook.  Homework should not be difficult and is an easy way to maintain a good grade in French.  Homework will be posted in the classroom on the whiteboard as well as on school loop.  We will also be using  google classroom and some assignments will be turned in online or printed at home and then handed in if you prefer.  Please let me know if you have an issue with computer access, printer access, or connectivity.



I expect all students to do their best and to encourage their peers to succeed as well. A large part of your grade in class will be based on oral participation, much of which comes from putting forth your best effort.  We all know that it is hard to try something new and everyone makes mistakes.  I want our classroom to be a safe place for everyone to try something new and have fun.  I do want people to be talking in class, in fact most of the time!  However, they need to be speaking French!


Each week, students will be given 10 points.  In order to maintain those points, you will be expected to participate and engage in our classroom.  Speaking in English, disrupting, interrupting, and inappropriate behavior will result in lost points.  Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to be able to speak French all the time!  I know you will have a lot of questions - we will do our best to speak French, but there will be times when we speak English.  I am referring more to chatting with a neighbor about the weekend rather than paying attention to what is going on in class!  If you choose to talk about your weekend activities in French, fantastic!


What to Bring to Class

Please bring  your French notebook,  which I will provide, and a folder designated for French class, or a three ring binder with paper that has a section for French - whichever works better for you.  Be prepared daily with a pen or pencil.  Always bring your workbook to class.  Sometimes we will have time to get started on homework during class.   If you use a binder, it is wise to pull out the workbook pages for each chapter.  That way you will always have the pertinent pages, but won't have to carry your workbook with you.  


Class Rules

-please be on time

-NO chewing gum or food in class - except for days when we all have French food together

-all tests/quizzes need to be made up in a timely fashion - this is up to you to remind me- I will not chase you down!  I will, of course, remind you, but you have to take responsibility for your work.  Quizzes and tests MUST be scheduled within one week of your return to school.  You must show up to make up those tests and quizzes at the agreed upon time.

-NO laughing at people's mistakes!!!




30% of your grade will be based on tests and quizzes

30% of your grade will be based on homework

30% of your grade will be based on classwork and projects

10% of your grade will be based on oral participation, participation, as well as completion of the daily warm-up activity


As you can see, if you do the homework and participate in class, you will be successful!


Last but not least

I am available during brunch Monday - Thursday and lunchtime by appointment on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday for students to make up tests and quizzes or for extra help.  Please let me know when you would like to come in - my door is always open!  Contact me anytime at with any questions or concerns.

1A - Le chapitre 4 - La Famille et La Maison
1B - le chapître 11- L'été et l'hiver