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Alison Waterman Locker

Ms. Alison Waterman

Weekly Core Update for the week of September 16, 2019

Dear Students and Parents,

I will be out of the classroom on Monday and Wednesday for professional meetings. I know I can count on the students to treat our guest teachers with kindness and respect.

Here's what's up in Core next week:

Writing Workshop: Students will practice strategies for generating ideas for writing personal narratives.

Reading Workshop: Continue reading fiction for independent reading. We'll continue to review and practice essential reading strategies this week, especially focusing on characters.

Vocabulary/Conventions: Train 3x/week on Membean, our online vocabulary program, and take a quiz Friday. Continue learning to edit using proofreading symbols.

History: Early Humans (Lesson 2 in our history textbook, The Ancient World).

We're off to a great start!

Ms. Waterman :-)


Core 6

1.2: Early Hominins

  1. Read Unit 1, Lesson 2 in your History Alive! textbook, The Ancient World
  2. Complete the Interactive Student Notebook packet you received in class.
Assigned: 09/16/19 Category: History Points: 10 Due: 09/20/19

Membean Quiz #4

Assigned: 09/16/19 Category: Quiz/Test Points: 15 Due: 09/20/19

Lesson 9: Switch Them

Complete Lesson 9 in your Proofreading Packet.

Assigned: 09/19/19 Category: Conventions Points: 0 Due: 09/20/19