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Terry Eubanks Locker
12/10/12 3:57 PM

Terry Eubanks


Competitive Debate

So you like arguing, but did you ever think you could actually get a trophy for it? By taking this class, you will be part of the OIS Debate Team.  Coursework includes effective argumentation, refutation, logical fallacy, debate flowing, research, and brief writing (Aren’t you curious what all those words mean?). We will do lots of in-class debating in the Middle School Public Debate Program (MSPDP) parliamentary format, which includes a dash of civil heckling for fun. This year’s debate topics ranged from Citizens United and the Nuclear Deal to de-extinction and tackle football. As a member of the East Bay Debate League and OIS team, you will be expected to attend all of the tournaments, which take place on Saturdays at various schools. (usually 6-7 for the year, depending on whether you go to the National). The team requires commitment just like any other competitive sport. Parents are asked to support us, either by judging, volunteering for the OIS-hosted tournament, or helping with team organization. Public Speaking is not a prerequisite, but confident speaking skills help because we move quickly into debate structure and strategy. This is a yearlong class.



Public Speaking/Debate

Welcome to OIS’s very own Forensics Department!  Public Speaking is an introductory course that provides better understanding and appreciation of effective communication.  Critical thinking and dynamic delivery skills are the foundation of all communication assignments.  You will also learn about audience analysis and psychology as you prepare speeches in various formats that include informative, narrative, persuasive, and special occasion.  In Debate, you will gain confidence through the art of argument.  You will learn to set aside biases and emotionalism that undermine effective argument as you learn how to examine issues systematically, and identify the merits of respective positions.  You will shape cogent cases on controversial topics, and compete against opposing positions. (We debate in MSPDP parliamentary format).  The “language of democracy is the language of debate.”


Drama I

So you want to act.  Welcome to OIS Drama!  This class is a highly charged “human laboratory” in which students learn the essential elements of drama and how to use a range of acting tools, such as voice, face and body expression, movement, and use of space.  Drama games, improvisation, pantomime, and scripted dramatic sketches will be used to develop skills in acting, speaking and directing.  Course goals are to maximize students’ creativity and dramatic potential, develop confidence, and foster an appreciation of the dramatic arts.


Drama II

Unleash your imagination and improve the skills that were introduced in Drama I.  Drama II will extend your range and technique by focusing more on scene work and character development.  In Drama II, you will learn to analyze a scene and work with texts, which include both serious drama and comedy. Other units include Melodrama, Commercials, Open Scenes, Monologues,  Improv, and more.  Prerequisite:  Drama I


Current Assignments