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Katherine Palmer-Collins

What's Happening?

Week of September 16 - 20


Thank you for your patience with progress reports.  I've been trying to catch up after my illness (just the flu).  Because my grades are weighted, I want to be sure I have a score for each category before posting, or the overall grade will not accurately reflect the students' progress. 

Please keep in mind that the progress report grade reflects only an incomplete fraction of your child's abilities.  You may read "A Word About Grades" in the locker section of this website to better understand my process for determining grades.  Every single one of my students is thriving, learning, and making progress.  If I have any significant concerns, rest assured that I will reach out to you.  

Thank you for being sure that your student comes to class with a good, fiction reading book each day.  We have begun our unit on character, using Theodore Taylor's novel The Cay as a mentor text, and are learning how tracking the character development in a book can give us valuable clues to unlocking the themes, or big ideas, in the text.

Having briefly changed course to explore the structure of a response to literature essay (the assignment called "A Man of Character" is due to google classroom on 9/18), we are back at narrative writing.  This week, students are choosing an idea to take to the final draft stage.  Following that, I'll up the ante by assigning a historical fiction narrative that is related to our study of early humans.  See the checklist in my locker for guidance on narrative expectations.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  My classroom is always open to you.




Katherine Palmer-Collins