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Katherine Palmer-Collins

                What's Happening?

Week of 1/30/23

We're going to be learning so much about some really diverse topics when the students give their Passion Project "Ted Talks," but before we begin we'll work on some public speaking skills.  We'll also be learning about the spiritual practice of Buddhism as we continue our study of ancient India.  In reading, we'll continue with historical fiction book clubs.

With the academic intensity increasing as we move towards 7th grade, it's more important than ever for students to stay on top of their assignments.  Please encourage your student to check their Core assignment sheet daily for any unfinished classwork that needs to be completed at home. As always, the only homework I "assign" is 30 minutes of reading.

The Core6 department has been working to make our grading practices more equitable, aligned and transparent.  To that end, if students wish a second chance to demonstrate mastery of a topic, we want to help them do so!  Students may use feedback on written assignments to revise, edit, and resubmit.  Students may retake History tests and quizzes after attending a study session during Bulldog Academy.  Please encourage your student to take advantage of rewrites and retakes!  If they have any questions, they should see me.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  The best way to contact me is through email, using the link to the left.


Katherine Palmer-Collins




Classroom Agreements

Late Work         Policy

If students show missing assignments when I publish a progress report, they have one week to turn them in for full credit, however the change in grade will not show in the gradebook until I publish the next progress report.  Late work receives full credit, but the study skills grade may be impacted.

Newsela policy

The Newsela quizzes are challenging!  For this reason,  I allow students to do extra practice in order to raise their quiz grade.  If a student would like to raise a grade, they should choose any article in the Newsela library, highlight and annotate as they read it, and take the quiz.  They can share their work with me the next day in class and I will raise the grade.  Note that the extra practice must be done the same day as the original quiz in order to take advantage of this opportunity.