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Carolyn Druger


Instructional Support Class


Class will begin with a lesson on a specific IEP skill.  These lessons will be from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the lesson.  Next, each student will produce their agenda for a "check" to see that they have all their assignments correctly written down.  While the "check in", the student will think about what they have to do, note what IEP objective the work relates to, get out what they need and begin work.  Tutorial help will be given as needed (either due to a request from the student or a need identified by the instructors).  
To help students succeed in general education classes and pass their IEP goals and objectives through: 

1.Tutorial help on work assigned by general education class teachers (in areas that are covered in the IEP - i.e., not math if math is not in the student?s IEP) 

2. Daily practice of effective study habits: 


a. students are to bring their agenda, paper, pen, pencil, class assignments, novel, or any other materials needed to complete their assignments.


b. students will keep a daily agenda of all their class assignments. 


c. students will  have practice in preparing to learn:  clarifying purpose, creating a mind set, focusing on the task, breaking the assignment into manageable parts, sequencing steps for completion, seeing how the lesson fits in with what has been learned, study techniques. 


3.  Assignments given for in class completion that specifically address IEP goals and objectives in the areas of reading, writing, math, study skills and/or student behavior. 

Current Assignments