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Greg Mazmanian

Strings, Concert Band, Bulldog Band, Jazz Band!


             Welcome to Orinda Intermediate School’s instrumental music program! Please read the information below to become acquainted with classroom policy. Students will receive a hard copy for parent signature of acknowledgement. I look forward to a great year of music making!   


Mr. Mazmanian  “Mr. Maz”


No Instruments needed the first day of school!!

For Daily Participation:

  • Instruments in working order, with name clearly marked on and in the case.

  • Neck strap, cork grease, valve oil, slide cream, swab etc. for winds

  • Rosin, shoulder pad, extra strings, cleaning cloth for strings.

  • Music folder (provided)

Instruments may dropped off in class before school and picked up immediately after school.


Classroom Rules:


  • Be in your place on time w/instrument and music ready to play

  • Have your music learned and prepared to play

  • Be attentive to the conductor

  • Be considerate of others


  • Food, drink, gum, hats, cell phones

  • Talking, or playing instrument out of turn

  • Touching any instrument not your own  

Grades are based on…

  • Observing the “Classroom rules”

  • Having instrument, accessories, and music in class daily 

  • Playing and written exams 

  • Attendance and participation at all our concert performances 

    Missing, being late, or leaving early from a performance results in a lower grade.


    Daily practice is a must for anyone expecting to earn a grade of B or higher in band or orchestra. Private lessons also make a huge difference in mastering an instrument and learning new and challenging music. The specialized one-on-one help, which I cannot provide in our classroom setting, is invaluable.


    For students interested and committed to switching instruments in order to balance our instrumentation (i.e. bassoon, French horn, tuba, trombone, baritone, viola, and double bass) we have a limited number of instruments available. Let me know of your interest!


    Please reserve the PERFORMANCE DATES below and note our specific concert dress:


         Changes and additions in dates or venues will be announced as they arise.

    Concert dress:    

         Girls – Black dress, or black blouse with black pants/ long skirt, black dress shoes

         Boys – Black suit, white dress shirt, long tie, black pants, black socks and dress shoes



meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings at 7:45am. Auditions (tba) are open to those

enrolled in the instrumental music program with priority given to students in the 7th and 8th grade.

Greg Mazmanian Locker