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Ms. Heather Raser
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(925) 258-6236

Mr. Jay Stevens
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(925) 258-6235

About Us

Counseling Office Mission Statement

The mission of the OIS counseling center is to provide student support that encourages the holistic development of the students they serve. Through empowering students with skills to manage conflict, solve problems, communicate effectively and make sound decisions, the OIS counselors are dedicated to educating and supporting their students through their journey of discovery during the vital formative years of middle school. At the cornerstone of their mission, the counselors at OIS have created an environment where students are welcomed and encouraged to discover their strengths and interests and to feel confident during this time of transition and growth. The counselors at OIS understand that the needs of their students are complex and can fall well beyond the campus gates. By collaborating with faculty, administration, parents and the community, the counselors at OIS work to ensure that the students are receiving the services and support they need and deserve in order to become responsible and compassionate members of the community.

Meet the Counselors

Heather Raser and Jay Stevens are important members of the OIS community. Both counselors are committed to ensuring that your students are supported and empowered during their middle school years. Although their focus is on supporting students academically, Ms. Raser and Mr. Stevens understand how home, friends and peers can impact a student's academic performance. With their diverse experience in the classroom and with their counseling backgrounds,  Ms. Raser and Mr. Stevens create a welcoming environment for students, parents and teachers.

The OIS counseling office is available to students, parents and OIS faculty Monday through Friday, 8:15am to 3:45pm. Academic advising, support services and a resource library are available for students and families. Students and parents can make appointments by calling or dropping by the counseling center.

OIS Pledge

Orinda Intermediate School is a Respectful, Responsible, Considerate and Honest Community. As a member of the OIS community and a person of character, I pledge . . .

  paw icon To be respectful of all individuals and all my surroundings
  paw icon To be responsible for all I do
  paw icon To be considerate, compassionate, and cooperative
  paw icon To be honest, sincere and reliable