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6th Grade Core Teachers
  Andrew Garcia (925) 258-6290 6th Grade Core
  Kendra Hoffman ex: 6252 6th Grade Core
  Katherine Palmer-Collins (925) 258-6289 6th Grade Core
  Michelle Pinney (925) 258-6271 6th Grade Core
  Katherine Schaeffer (925) 258-6243 6th Grade Core
  Alison Waterman (925) 258-6268 6th Grade Core

6th Grade Core

English Language Arts

Core is an interdisciplinary class that helps students learn to analyze written and visual texts and present their thoughts effectively in writing and other forms of communication. To accomplish this goal, students

  • Read both literature and informational texts
  • Write arguments, informative texts, and narratives
  • Demonstrate command of standard English conventions when writing or speaking
  • Collaborate in discussions and group projects
  • Present knowledge and ideas in public speaking as well as multi-media presentations, in both formal and informal settings
Social Studies: Ancient History and Historical Thinking

Our goal is for students to master thinking, not just memorize content. Students learn about the lives of the earliest humans, the development of tools, the foraging way of life, the development of agriculture, and the emergence of civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus River Valley, China, Mesoamerica, and the Mediterranean. They read written primary sources, investigate visual primary sources, and learn how to analyze multiple points of view, cite evidence from sources, and make claims based on that evidence in writing and speaking. We aim to help students understand the significance of the past and its relevance to the present and future.