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OIS Green Team


Ms. Kisch

(925) 258-6288

Q and A

Q and A With Ms. Kisch

KischQ: How do you feel about the current Green Team?
A: There are a lot more people.

Q: Has the Green Team grown or declined in the past 5 years?
A: It has grown.

Q: What has been your favorite screening?
A: Dirt

Q: If you could change one thing you've done, what would you change?
A: There is not much to change.

Q: If you could change something about the school, what would you do?
A: Add 5 minutes after lunch to clean up.

Q: How did you get the idea of the Green Team?
A: Followed Mrs. Nielson's lead.

Q: What is your goal with the Green Team?
A: Encourage students to feel empowered to help the world.