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What is ONE?
ONE is the Orinda Network for Education - a collaboration between the OIS Parents’ Club and the Parents’ Clubs of all the OUSD schools and Miramonte High School to simplify and improve school fundraising.

What is ONE-OIS?
ONE-OIS is the Parents’ Club’s fundraising campaign for ONE. We raise the money and we decide how it is spent to benefit OIS. But the donations go to ONE (and your receipt will have ONE’s 501(c)(3) tax number) because all Orinda schools will do better, in the short and long term, by collaborating and by pooling resources controlled by their Parents’ Clubs.

What is ONE Ask?
The One Ask is the most important part of simplifying fundraising. For many years, parents have been asked to donate twice every year - once to the Parents’ Club, and then again to EFO - the Educational Foundation of Orinda. Many (if not most) families never understood that fully funding OIS’s budget depended on donating to both campaigns. And sometimes families would give to just one, forgetting the other.

Now the OIS Parents’ Club will be raising all of the money it takes to fully fund OIS: $926,000 for the 2020-2021 school year. To support that budget, you will only be asked to make one donation - the ONE Ask - of at least $1,800 per student.

Is ONE just EFO with a new name?
No, it isn’t. EFO was a community-based organization that did a fantastic job raising money from parents and community members to support all Orinda schools. As discussed above, though, having two fundraising campaigns, one of which was seen as “outside” of the school, created confusion.

So ONE has flipped the model. ONE is led by representatives from the five Parents’ Clubs of OUSD schools and Miramonte. EFO helped the Parents’ Clubs create ONE, the funds that EFO previously raised are now controlled by ONE, and ONE will continue community fundraising. But each Parents’ Club will be responsible for creating its own school’s budget, fundraising from school families to meet that budget, and deciding how those funds get spent. And the majority of ONE’s Board is made up of directors chosen by their Parents’ Clubs.

Is ONE a response to COVID-19?
No. ONE is the result of several years of discussions between the Parents’ Clubs of all six Orinda schools, EFO and community leaders. The plan to create ONE was developed before the Coronavirus and shelter in place. We all recognize, though, that COVID-19 may have a significant impact on our fundraising efforts next year, which is why now, more than ever, we need full participation by all of our OIS families.