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Introducing ONE Orinda - Summer 2020

ONE logoThe OIS Parents’ Club, along with the Parents’ Clubs of Del Rey, Glorietta, Sleepy Hollow, Wagner Ranch and Miramonte High School is pleased to announce that ONE Orinda (Orinda Network for Education) has officially launched. This organization is now the centralized education foundation in Orinda, supporting all of the staff and programs previously funded separately by EFO and the Parents’ Clubs. ONE is the outcome of extensive research, evaluation and collaboration between Parents’ Clubs, EFO, OUSD, AUSD and community members. We believe the new structure will strengthen, streamline and amplify our collective fundraising efforts, sustaining the signature programs and instrumental staff that make Orinda schools exceptional. It will also ensure equity and consistency across schools, and build a legacy for future students.

The past few months have been incredibly challenging for all of us, as nearly every aspect of our lives has been touched by the coronavirus pandemic, including our children’s education. As we prepare for the 2020-21 school year and beyond, local support for our schools is more important than ever.  State education funding, which was already extremely low in our district, will be significantly reduced, and Orinda schools face a large budget shortfall. In times like these, community locally controlled funding becomes more important than ever for sustaining the quality of education we have come to expect in Orinda and that we all want for our students. The creation of ONE Orinda unites all fundraising stakeholders, and places Orinda in the best position to weather the storm.

Logistically, the formation of ONE Orinda means that the previously separate fundraising campaigns of the OIS Parents’ Club and EFO are now combined into ONE Ask. You will see this donation request when you register your child(ren) this summer. Your generous donations directly impact your student’s education, and ensure that excellent schools remain a hallmark of our great community.

The ONE Board of Directors are working hard to smoothly transition to this new fundraising model. OIS is represented on the Board by Sonya Grover. The other Directors are: Natalie Taquino-Del Rey, Brian Rogers-Glorietta, Clay Deanhardt-Miramonte, Dana Wentworth-Sleepy Hollow, Meighan Baldwin-Wagner Ranch and Katie Shogan-Community Board Member. Please visit the ONE Orinda website for more information about ONE, fundraising and the programming our community supports.

As we grapple with the challenges facing all of us, we are grateful to live in this wonderful town. We are stronger together, and we know our community will prevail.

In Partnership, 
The ONE Board of Directors & OIS Parents’ Club