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Volunteer Information


Volunteer Information



Volunteering at the Bulldog Kennel by serving brunch and lunch to the students is a great way for parents to participate, get to know other OIS parents and see your students at school. The Kennel always needs volunteers. Should you find yourself available please contact June Lim or Wendy Patrick, our Kennel Volunteer Coordinators. Bonus: Your student gets free food on the day you work in the Kennel!  If you are able to volunteer, please email us and we will add your name to a team! A sub list is also available if you are unable to commit for a full year.

Fall 2018 - 2019

Shift Schedule:  
Monday/Friday - 10:45-1:50
Tuesday /Thursday - 10:35 -1:10
Wednesday - 11:10 - 1:50
Shift Staffing:
- 12 members make up a team.
- Team members are responsible for finding replacements for their shift.

Kennel Volunteer Handbook

Kennel Captain Tips and Insights

Questions? Please email Wendy Patrick.